Project portfolio

Phd student in geospatial systems

This is an overview of my various GIS-related projects. Have a look around and feel free to get in touch!

Unified incident response

Following the engineering approach, including stakeholders discussions and analysis requirements, this project develops a digital twin prototype for supporting multi-agency incident management in a smart city. 

Transportation analysis

Following a severe autumn storm, this work analyses the impact of heavy rainfall on the transport network, including travel time and traffic volume, using real-time data. (More information is available soon!)

Dynamic hazard maps

This project shows how the hazard maps currently available can be enhanced with real-time traffic data and social media tweets to provide a better picture for emergency services. (More information is available soon!)

Flood impact assessment

This project presents a multi-scale database that analyses different flood inundation scenarios and the impacts on the environment, community and infrastructure in Newcastle.

Civil security

As part of a hackathon, I used my app to develop an app for the German Red Cross that contains publicly available data on vulnerabilities and resources (e.g. demographic and socio-economic data) and can support the German Red Cross in the event of a crisis.

Real-time probe vehicle data

Using real-time data from probe vehicles in Japan, we analyse traffic behaviour during natural hazards compared to a normal day. The results are implemented in a GIS-based decision support tool.

Multi-criteria decision support

In the context of broadband expansion in Germany, I was involved in a project with an industry partner to identify expansion areas according to different criteria. The result is a GIS model for multi-criteria decision support.