Phd student in geospatial systems

My different research projects have enabled me to develop and enhance my skillset in the following areas:

Geographical Information Science

I have extensive experience working with the Esri product suite (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online). I also work with QGIS, Mapbox, Leaflet and Azure Maps, and open-source Python libraries (such as GeoPandas) for processing, analysing, and visualising spatial datasets.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Using data science techniques in Python and R, I have experience in extracting, transforming and analysing diverse datasets. I am familiar with various open data portals that offer REST API services as well as libraries and tools for managing heterogeneous data.

Business Intelligence

I have developed dashboards with Microsoft PowerBI, R Shiny and ArcGIS for stakeholders from different domains to present the most critical analysis results. Further, I have experience with business intelligence solutions such as Tableau, Qlik and IBM Cognos in industry projects.


In both academia and industry, I have worked with various database solutions, using SQL and Python to query datasets to answer stakeholder questions from different perspectives. I have also worked as a teaching assistant in a Master's module on databases. 

Web Development

I am familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS to develop front-end solutions, such as different web applications. My recent development includes a web application using Microsoft Azure Maps that integrates real-world data on current traffic and incidents.

Business Analytics

I have used machine learning algorithms (such as logistic regression, SVN, random forest, decision tree) to perform predictive analysis. Using Deep Learning CNN-based image classification, I analysed the impact of different resolutions on label predictions.